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Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing and Welded Sculpture Classes
In a work world where opportunities to create seem few and far between, join Artist Blacksmith Grant Marcoux in learning the ancient and honored craft of blacksmithing.  These courses make great gifts for the “Special someone.”

A graduate of the Sir Sandford Fleming College School of Blacksmithing, Grant has taught women and men ranging in age from 12 to 60 in a safe and friendly environment.  Join him in his smithy at Alameda Point for lots of superheated fun.   Class schedules are flexible and based on student needs. Class size is limited to two students, for maximum instructor attention. Let Grant help you craft your metal dreams by joining him for the following classes:

Basic Blacksmithing: This is a 15 hour/five session skill-building course designed for those with little or no blacksmithing experience.  Learn basic hammering techniques, twisting, bending, cutting, punching, finishing, tool making, heat-treating and tool identification.  Cost:  300.00 plus 50.00 material fee.

Intermediate Blacksmithing:
In this second 15 hour/five session blacksmithing course, emphasis will be placed on completing a project by joining metal with electric welding, gas welding and traditional mortise and tenon forging.  The student also will learn texturing and layering of metal and use of the power hammer.  Cost:  300.00 plus 50.00 material fee.

Introduction to Bladesmithing:
The student wills hand-forge a compact utility knife from high-carbon tool steel.  The student will also learn simple grinding, heat treating, polishing and handle-making.  Length of course is three full days.   Cost:  300.00 plus 50.00 material fee.

Intermediate Bladesmithing: In this course, the student will be introduced to the forging of higher alloy tool steel to create a knife of his or her own design.  More complex grinding, heat treating and finishing techniques will be explored.  This three-day course is for the more experienced smith.  Cost:  300.00 plus 50.00 material fee.

Welded Sculpture: In this course, students will learn the basics of forging, welding, composition and finishing in the creation of a metal sculpture.  Cost: $300.00 plus $75.00 material fee.

Customized instruction: If you have a special interest, I can help design a special course of instruction just for you. I also craft custom ironwork, by commission.


         Grant R. Marcoux - Artist Blacksmith
         450 West Atlantic Avenue
         Alameda, CA  94501
         (510) 865-5328 or (510) 918-6840 (cell)