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Artist's Statement

Metal is a lot like life…..seemingly resistant, but pliable with the right encouragement.  Metal offers endless possibility for shape, texture and line.  Although the end result is important, it’s the PROCESS that satisfies my soul.

It is the smell of hot metal, the roar of the forge, the ring of the anvil and the hammer’s blow, all merging, in the hope that something good will come of it.

became a blacksmith after thinking about what I liked doing most as a child…namely problem solving and hitting things with a hammer.

I am  a graduate of San Diego State University and of the Sir Sandford Fleming College School of Blacksmithing in Ontario, Canada.  I have also studied extensively with noted blade smith Karl Schroen.

I am most inspired by the work of Edgar Brandt, Gustav Stickley, and E.A Chase; but more importantly, by  the family members and friends that have supported my efforts.

These days I'm working metal between hammer and anvil at my Alameda, CA smithy in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. I especially love teaching and have taught blacksmithing, bladesmithing and welded sculpture to people of all ages.